Thursday, February 25, 2010


We order these every time we go to Claim Jumper and love them, so I decided to try making them at home with some of the zucchini from our garden. They weren't identical, but definitely delicious and I'm sure we'll have these lots more before the summer is over!


Garlic Salt
Minced Garlic
Fresh Grated Parmesan
Cooking Oil

Ranch Dressing

Cut as many zucchini as you like into spears about 1 inch in diameter by 4 inches long. Sprinkle them with garlic salt. In a bowl mix together an egg or two (depending on how many zucchini) and a little milk. In another bowl mix together some Panko (Japanese style bread crumbs) and minced garlic. Dip the zucchini spears in the egg mixture and then roll in the Panko mixture. Place in pan filled with about an inch of hot oil and cook turning to brown the crumbs on each side. When finished remove from oil and place on plate covered with paper towels. Then sprinkle with a little more garlic salt and fresh grated parmesan cheese. Dip in ranch dressing and ENJOY!

*Note: If anyone has the actual Claim Jumper recipe I'd love to have it or if you have a better idea of how to incorporate the minced garlic. I don't know that it really stuck on the spears with the Panko that well.

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