Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here's a tasty new recipe I got from my mom. I made it last night for a family party. It was a big hit.

I cut this recipe in half and I think it would have served 8-10 as a side dish easily.

Cheese Tortellini - cooked (2 (24oz) pkgs from Costco)
Kalamata Olives (pitted) - halved or whole about 1 to 1 1/2 cups
Sun Dried Tomatoes - chopped (about 16oz)
Marinated Artichoke Hearts - chopped (1-2 cups)
Hearts of Palm - sliced thick (about 1 14oz jar)
Grated Parmesan Cheese (1/2-3/4 cup)
Toasted Pinenuts (1/2 cup)
Baby Spinach Leaves
Brianna's Blush Wine Vinagrette Dressing

Cook tortellini, drain, rinse with cool water and drain well. Place in large bowl and toss with 2 Tbsp of the artichoke marinate. Add olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and 1/2 bottle of dressing. Toss gently. Let sit a few hours or overnight in fridge. Add hearts of palm, parmesan cheese, toasted pinenuts, spinach leaves (as many as you prefer) and 1/4 to 1/2 bottle of dressing. Toss and serve. Serves 20+


  1. This looks like a winner for our family. In fact, it's making me a little hungry right now.

  2. I saw your recipe on Pinterest & am excited to try it out! I add Brianna's New American Creamy Balsamic dressing to my standard Italian dressing Pasta Salad, (pepperoni, bell peppers, rotini noodles & whatever veggies I have handy) and it is SO yummy! This recipe sounds great, too!